Who we are

Allianz Cloud

The sports arena, inaugurated for the first time in 1961, now completely renovated.

The Palalido is a sports arena and was in operation until 2010. Milanosport and the Municipal Administration have decided to create a center capable of hosting sporting events of great national and international importance, such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, shows and concerts. Today the sports arena has a capacity of more than 5,000 spectators.


A cloud ready to welcome ALL sports fans

The Allianz Cloud is a charming modern design facility with an elliptical structure, integrated with photovoltaic panels, lighting with LED technology. Key of the objectives is in fact energy saving, sustainability and respect for the eviroment.


The strength of the Allianz Cloud is its inclusive spirit.

This Sport Arena is really for everyone, thanks to the adoption of accessible and non-discriminatory solutions. The Palalido relaunch project started with an assessment of the existing architectural barriers, to then plan improvements of accessibility and confort of the bulding for spectators with disabilities and with special needs, such as elders, children and pregnant women. The bulding facilities were designed to meet the needs of the spectators but also of the disabled athletes and other users of the Arena.